I do not have fixed times when I work. I work mornings, afternoons and evenings, 7 days a week. We just need to find a suitable time for us both to make a booking. In many cases, I have been able to fulfill a massage request on the same day as the enquiry.

Cancellation Policy

  • I request notice of 24 hours from your booking to cancel your appointment and to refund your deposit.

  • Cancellations outside a 24 hour period will mean you will loose your deposit and will need to make another booking.

  • If for some reason I need to cancel the appointment, then you will receive a full refund.

Privacy Policy

  • We are compliant with the Data Protection Act. Your details will not be passed on to any third party without prior consent.

  • We use cookies and other technologies only where required for our shopping technology to work. Your personal information will never be stored in any cookies generated by our systems.

  • We do not hold or store any financial details given in any financial transaction

  • We may keep your email address to inform you of news relevant to this business. You can opt out of these at any time

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